Baby Led Weaning

Gosh! This is amazing.

DS was firmly refusing to eat anything mushed (other than for about a month he ate apple puree) and I was starting to worry, as a new mother does.

Until I found baby led weaning on MDC (mothering discussion boards). Now DS is eating avocado, pasta, banana, sweet potatoe, carrot, cucumbers… wow, all the things he wouldn’t eat with a spoon go in and get swallowed when they are in ‘stick’ form and he can feed them to himself.

Admittedly it’s a bit scary when he gags if he pushes too much food in at once – but he does seem to be getting the hang of it! I am just so excited by the possibilities. He chooses to eat and it is not some battle of the wills and and and! I am so excited by this. I have been very nervous about what type of food to give DS (organic, whether to give grains, veggies, fruits) and also very anxious that he has a positive relationship with food – not that it is something shoved down his throat or that he feels he ‘has to’ as everyone looks on expectantly. Brilliant.  Baby Led Weaning is definitly a great find for me and just makes so much sense. I am going to be looking into this a whole lot more.


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