Stop the insanity now

Please. Please link in to this article and read all of it.

— Hamas stops all firing of missiles, bombs or any other violent action originating from the West Bank or Gaza, and cooperates in actively jailing anyone from any faction that breaks this ceasefire.

— Israel stops all bombing, targeted assassinations or any other violent actions aimed at activists, militants or suspected terrorists in the West Bank or Gaza, and uses the full force of its army to prevent any further attacks on Palestinians.

— Israel opens the border with Gaza and allows free access to and from Israel, subject only to full search and seizure of any weapons. Israel allows free travel of food, gas, electricity, water and consumer goods and materials including from land, air and sea, subject only to full search and seizure of any weapons or materials typically used for weapons.

— Israel releases all Palestinians in detention and returns them to the West Bank or Gaza according to the choice of the detainees or prisoners. Hamas releases Gilad Shalit and anyone else being held by Palestinian forces.

— Both sides invite an international force to implement these agreements.

— Both sides agree to end teaching and/or advocacy of violence against the other side in and outside mosques, educational institutions and the media.

— This ceasefire would last for 20 years. NATO, the UN and the US all agree to enforce this agreement and impose severe sanctions in the event of any violations.

Please pass this on. It is the only way forward that makes any sense out of the hell that is Gaza today.

Please help stop the insanity today.


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  1. mamawork

    Another important article to read if you want to stop the insanity and move forward. Please pass this on to whoever you think can affect a change

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