Par par



It was an amazing and wonderful meal in the end. DH cooked a gorgeous stew for a very wintery day and we had 10 people around our table, enjoying scrumptious food and good South African wine.



DS was a bit under the weather and so was on a strict diet of mama milk, turning his nose up at goodies offered…. he did totally charm everyone and completely stole his great grandmothers heart when his face lit up at her gift of a xylephone (yes, wooden, non-toxic paint, replenihsbale forrest etc etc etc).

Smile for great grandmother

Smile for great grandmother

Today we had our well baby visit (WBV) and DS continues to grow in every direction. He is a big boy. As usual, the nurse had something to offer in the way of advice. She taught DS to say par-par (butterfly) in about one minute flat and recommended that I put more effort into teaching him more vocabulary. I was quite blown away at how quickly he learnt to say his version (pa, while pointing at the picture)…. and now I shall have to think again about how I want to structure his day and if I do see merit in teaching him words. My intuition tells me no, but it was so very cute seeing him learn so quickly, and I did have pride in his ability….. I’ll see. I certainly do not want my pride in his ability to be the determining factor in how I choose to interact with DS…. hmmmm…. decisions, decisions.

Vaccinations came up. This nurse really is quite special. She thought it strange that I would think of DT and not DTaP as surely South Africa has lots of whooping cough…. but I got the name of the company (she doesn’t have any product insert) and now will begin to look into this all a bit more carefully, in terms of the ingredients of this vaccine and any studies that I can find that have looked at the efficacy and safety. I think this is the only vaccine that DH and I are really questioning (and polio, but I am almost sure that I do not want DS having the polio vaccine, IPV or OPV and the SV40/many other monkey viruses).


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