Aaaaah, breath out

I cannot believe my luck. I have possibly found a little community of like minded mums. Joy, joy joy. Sitting together drinking herbal teas and snacking on organic bread with pomegranate jam was just gorgeous. While the children went about being children. What luxery.

It even turns out that one of the women gave birth where I did, and they are into wooden, open ended toys and do not vaccinate and use ecological products and don’t have TV/hardly use TV. My gosh, this could be heaven….

Getting my head out of the clouds and trying to be more practical about it all –  we are going to try and set up a mother toddler group and one of the mums has a flourishing kindergarten in Tel Aviv and is thinking of opening another closer to where we live. It was such a liberating experience for me to sit with other mothers who are in tune with with me, or me with them…. phenomenal.

In our news, we have disconnected the cable TV. And it is quite nerve wracking. Although last night was fine. We sat at the table together for our meal, had a bath all of us together and went to bed all of us together. Basically, looking at the cost, it is just not worth it. I no longer can watch TV when DS is awake as he will just sit in front of it, something I am very sure I do not want him doing. So, that leaves evenings, but I would rather be spending the time with DH or doing something else. And, I never really had anything I liked watching (other than American Idol. Which is terribly embaressing, but there you go)

So, no more TV. DH is now downloading episodes of Yes Primeminister for us to watch together when we have the time and inclination. Totally hillarious show.

I hope this playgroup works out and that we get it all together. It will be in Hebrew, but I am sure DS will still learn English at home.



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