What to do, again?

We do not have cable TV. And the 2nd night of being TV free was not quite as easy as the 1st.

I suggested we play cards together after eating our meal around the table. DH didn’t like the card idea, unless the cards are the game Munchkin. So, we’ll get Munchkin.

But the possibilities are quite exciting. I do sometimes long for the remote to switch on the TV for me to watch something/anything. And after a couple a minutes the moment passes and I get busy with life.

I am imagining us playing card and board games, reading together…. creating a culture of family time together to fill up the void left by the TV. So far this seems possibe. (We are not that strict though. DH has downloaded Yes Primeminister and we have watched one episode each evening when DS is sleeping).

I look forward to keeping track of just how this change will impact our lives.It makes it all possible knowing that we *can* hook up again if we decide that is what we want.


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