I am officially in the process of becoming a LLL leader.

Today I started a course on communication and understanding what is being said. It is fantastic and I have so much to learn from women who have many many years experience of listening to mothers. One of the women is the mother of more than 10 children herself.  5 of the 8 women are very religious. As in orthodox religious.

I am the only new mum. And the only person with I guess what could be called a liberal view on life and politics.

I was left feeling rather weird after one of the exercises. Basically the co-ordinator had put together a couple of controversial statements for us to analyse and figure out how to respond to in a respecful way that would encourage further dialogue. Essentially try and understand the emotional tone of what was being said and respond to that.

The weird part is that I got the impression that she designed the statements for a group of women who would have very right wing conservative opinions – essentially to create a strong emotional response in the listeners (us) as a further exersise in trying to understand the emotional tone of what is being said when we ourselves have our own strong contrasting opions.

However, the statements she used could very easily have been something that I would say, and I saw just how upsetting this was to the other women – how completley disprespectful they were of the opinion expressed.

It was very weird.

Here I am a passionate breastfeeding mum and I found myself surrounded by women who I have not very much in common with other than the fact that we are passionate about breastfeeding. In pretty much every other way we are very very different. I never would have met any of these women in any other way.

Which got me thinking. In a way it is quite exciting to be meeting women whom I otherwise would never meet. It is very exciting to see just how similar we are in how we mother. I just can’t shake the  distress at having had my political opinions used as an example in how to listen without your own emotion clouding what you hear.

Well, two more meetings. And the course is definitly very well done and I am happy to be there. Just feel very much the odd one out (this is in no way new)


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