So, I can finally add Israel to my list of countries where I am registered a citizen. It happened this morning. I received a blue ID card (I have had an orange one until now, signalling that I am not Israeli) and a passport.

I invited my MIL and her husband to the ceremony. In the end it was a non-event, over in a couple of seconds. A bit of an anti-climax, but I guess that is to be expected.

So, today I am a citizen of a country that I have very mixed feelings about. A country that is brimming with life and potential, and a country that is deeply confused about it’s identity and future. I feel I can dream dreams for this country now that I call it my own. I can built a future for my family.

Right now I am just relieved to not have to go to Misrad haPnim (Interior Ministry) or be hassled at the airport. I can go about my life in a far less conspicuous way.

Who would have thought that I would ever be a citizen of Israel?

6 years ago today I was visiting Israel for the first time, passionatley in love with DH and desperately hoping that he would love me back- unphased by a looming war in Iraq and worried about what clothes to bring with me, having read in tourist books that you can be stoned for not being dressed in a modest enough manner.(a very funny misconception that I have since heard I am not alone in having).

Anyone who is not Israeli and is reading – Israel is a blend of very modest (Jewish and Muslim) and very immodest. There is by no means a uniform within Israeli society,

I have learnt so much in these last 6 years.


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