Morning Routine

I guess we have a routine of sorts going now. DS wakes up and looks for my breast and latches on while I try and catch a couple more winks. This continues for some time with DS moving around the bed and playing with the light switch and having a few more sips and me slowly accepting that my day is starting. It is very slow and leisurely, with DS taking his time to fill up on mamamilk and me taking my time to wake up. DH is usually still asleep – although he is enticed by babybreath and squeals of delight at the new day.

The next part invloves DS sliding down off the bed after getting over Aba (dad in Hebrew). And he makes a beeline for the floorlength mirror on our wardrobe. And chirps away patting himself and various objects he finds.

Phase 3 is climbing up the 3 steps and cooing at himself from the top of the step as he turns back and sees himself in the mirror.

Phase 2 and 3 can be repeated some number of time as DS climbs back down the steps and pats himself in the mirror.

And out we go. Mum sits down and checks out MDC to see what has happened while she was sleeping, dad feeds the pets and DS gets on with whatever is his latest craze. At the moment it is sweeping, attaching the leash to the dog and pulling things out of the kitchen drawers/cuphords. Coffee is brewed and the day has started.

I love this routine and the relaxed lazy way about it. I would not change it for the world. I love my son being able to have as much mamamilk as he needs, me having a slow start and DS having time to do the things that are important to him. It would break my heart to be rushing through the morning and not giving DS the time and space he needs to be in control of his own life and learning about himself and his world. Of course I am not complaining that traffic is but a distant memory.

This could all change. And will all change. Either through the arrival of a sibling one day (thinking next year early summer could be a good time) or maybe one day I will go back to work.

DH’s company made a 7% paycut across the board and while it is not exactly fun, we will manage. That is not the reason why I would need to go back to work. But I am reminded of just what a priviledged position I am in.


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