Yom HaEtzma’ut



We had a fully vegan celebration – in starck contrast to the meat orgie that has come to represent this day of celebration for Jews both in and out of Israel. We still managed to over eat and I feel decidely stuffed over into this morning.

I had wanted to mark the day by attending a conference (scroll down to page 3 for English) on marking Independance day and the Naqba, the Arab story that runs parallel to the Jewish one. I do not seem to be ready to commit to actions yet when it comes to expressing my political views. DH also was not too supportive, voicing his opinion that the Arab story is in need of it’s own voice outside of reacting to the Jewish story. I can kind of understand that, but I feel very passionatly that a mutual recognition of the pain of both people carries the seeds of hope for this region….
In baby steps style, I did express my opinion with friends of DH’s. I was talking about maybe having a period of time not being in Israel and that I want DS to identify himself as Jewish. And that in South Africa I would find it hard to associate with the Jewish Community if the elements of Zionism and blind support for Israel are too strong. This felt like a huge deal for me. I am always nervous expressing an opinion that could be construed as anti – Jewish, or anti – Semitic. In my mind it is clear that that is not my opinion when I express my concern about being part of a community that blindly supports Israel whatever she does. However, it seems that it is easy enough to cry ‘anti-Semiticism’ should there be any questioning – or better yet, ‘self hating Jew’.

Anyway, back to my comment. It was very empowering to express my opinion and not be looked at askance and even be understood. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Yay for the friends of DH.

DS is switching between being gorgeous and charming and heart-throbbingly adorable to just impossible as he screeches in frustration on what is becoming a fairly regular basis.


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