Always get a 2nd opinion

Always get a 2nd opinion

Just a brief insert. In case you ever wondered why it is not a good idea to flush wet-wipes down the toilet – it is beyond gross what happens in the pipes under your house when you do.

Our neighbours (semidetached houses) have been suffering with blocked drains for quite some time and brought in a plumber who told *us* that it would cost us 6000 shekels to fix the problem as our trees are ruining the plumbing.

Not trusting a word this man said, we brought someone we know. 320 shekels later the drains were running clear, with wetwipes emptying out of our neighbours drains.

Wet wipes do not disintegrate and catch on any snag in the plumbing and cause a blockage in no time. There is definitly a reason why you are reminded not to flush anything other than toilet papar and pooh.


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