A moment of contentment

Today we were visiting family for a birthday celebration and DS was having a fabulous time interacting with everyone. He really just was having a complete ball and people were loving interacting with him.

So my MIL turned to me and said (roughly translated), that she would have thought a child only at home with his parents and not in childcare would be timid around strangers. And that she is pleasantly surprised that this is not the case. We seem to be parenting him in such as way as to build his confidence.

It made me feel good to get some sort of recognition for a parenting job well done – although to be honest, I think it is more his personality than our parenting…. but still, it makes me happy to have her make a positive comment rather than a questioning one.

Happy days…..


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One response to “A moment of contentment

  1. Dee

    Gosh you and me think so much alike! My DD too is such an extrovert and I see so many children who go to playschools and nurseries that are shy and timid. My child is the complete opposite. But like you I think it’s more because of her personality and has little to do with our parenting.

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