Do you swallow your toothpaste?

Do you know how PPM of flouride are in your toothpaste? And what it means if you swallow that much flouride?

Do you know how PPM of flouride are in your toothpaste? And what it means if you swallow that much flouride?

I have had this in the back of my mind for some time – the idea that flouride is something I want to avoid.

Being the human being that I am, I have avoided looking into it too carefully, as I just could not bear finding out that my water is flouridated and I have no way of removing it short of reverse osmosis water filtration for all water….. and worrying about my plants that are being watered with flouride and what that means about their overall ntritional levels. Not a very good strategy – yet it has kept my worry levels down.

Until yesterday.

Hillel found our toothpaste and ate some of it. And I really freaked out. I remembered something about not swallowing it and it being potentially lethal if swallowed.

Some googling later, I was convinced that under no circumstances will I have toothpaste with flouride in our home.

The toothpaste we were using has 1450 parts per million (ppm). Which is a very toxic amount.

I also found out that our water is not flouridated and that Israel is undecided about whether to move forward with flouridation or not. I personally am very relieved that this has not been adopted here. We have naturally occuringflouride at 0.3 ppm – which seems to be considered pretty much flouride free. Coupled with the claim from our water filter that 40-60% of flouride is removed – for now I am sighing a sigh of relief.

10 facts about flouride

The biggest irony in all this? Yesterday I had bought Weleda toothpaste to replace our regular one as I had already wanted to move away from flouride before DS ingested it and I freaked out.

DS is fine. He is breastfeeding like a champ and in good spirits and seems to have not been affected in any noticable way. It’s scary to think about half that tube of toothpaste and I could have lost my son. Very very scary.


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