The cuter side of being a toddler

Only I didnt have to bend

Only I didn't have to bend

Yes, it does exit.

As I write now, my son is outside blowing bubbles into his paddling pool through a shower hose that we replaced. His father taught him to do that. And while it originally reminded him of the jacuzzi at my parents house that he definitely did not like when turned on, he has now become completely entranced with his ability to make bubbles come out of the water by blowing.

He is also the master of climbing – anything and everything he can. Chairs, sofa’s beds, table tennis tables, into and out of his pram/stroller, into and out of the bath. He has also gotten it right when it comes to pushing a chair next to the table to get up on the table when he wants the candles or my mug of coffee.

Our morning routine has changed a bit. He has moved on from greeting himsef in the mirror. He is too quick as he toddles past it and on up the steps out into his new day. He also joins me for breakfast now – when he is in the mood.

He has also discovered his play clothes, made for him by his grandmother (my mum). He loves draping them over his head,over the cat, over the dog, over either me or DH, dipping them in his paddling pool – he just loves them.

Oh, and my more conservative side breathed a sigh of relief when we found a way to work together this morning. As I hung the clothes, DS would help me by passing the clothing from the laundry basket to me so that I could hang it on the line. I was so encouraged that he did want to help, with the idea that he can start taking some responsibility being in the back of my mind for some time now. It was a game for him, and a help to me.

Other than that?

We are managing to keep our garden alive and out water consumption down as I traipse through the house with bucket loads of water after a bath. And did I mention that DS loves his paddling pool? (Which also waters the garden)


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