My mum

In memory of my mother

In memory of my mother

She *hated* the camera and we worked hard to find a photo of her where she wasn’t expecting the click of the camera.

My mother was also a great lover of loose Ceylon tea in china cups with milk and a biscuit. My adolescent memory is of her coming home from work, sitting at the dining room table with a cup of tea, a biscuit and her favorite novel as her way to unwind and prepare for the evening. This tea set is in honour of her.



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3 responses to “My mum

  1. Dee

    Thanks for sharing the poignant memories of your mom! She was a remarkable woman I am sure…prayers for her soul and your family.

  2. Emily

    Oh Megan, this is so beautiful!! This post literally took my breath away for a moment. What a stunning pic…your mom is just lovely!!

  3. Thank you both so much for leaving your comments. I love drinking my loose ceylon tea with milk in my new set. I skip the biscuits as I have never had the control to eat one a day. 😉

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