Yay Kimchi :)

I have been wanting to ferment my own veggies for ages – and have tried a couple of times, only to be dissapointed with mouldy or overly spiced or in some way unedable veggies.

I just recieved Nourishing Traditions and tried her Kimchi recipe, which is pretty similar to a recipe I found in a discussion forum here. And it works. It is really strong, but so so yummy.

I didn’t think it possible to preserve vegetables without vinegar and water.

Now for my ginger kefir…. it should be ready tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Yay Kimchi :)

  1. Dimitra

    I tried the Gingered Carrots (I think that’s what it’s called anyway) and it worked the first time but not the second… and I have no idea what I did wrong! But oh well, I shall try again. Fermentation is quite magical. I couldn’t believe that you could just leave something on your counter for three days and not only would it not go off, it would become good for you!

  2. mamawork

    I tried them too, but they didn’t work 😦 they did get mouldy. I reckon the lid of the jar was the problem. Going to try carrot sticks instead of grated carrot.

    Oh, and the fermented red peppers are terribly yummy 🙂

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