The Wonder Box

I found a pattern, with instruction for sewing and using it.

I am so excited. My mother had one of these when we arrived in South Africa in 1982. We used it to make yoghurt, rice, porridge. When I was back now with my father after my mothers death, I even made him chicken soup in this Wonder Box. The one in my parents house is beautiful, a deep burgundy colour withgold  embroidery and tassles. I wish I had a photo.

I am inspired and would like to make one for my family.

A quick intro from the site linked in this post:

The Wonder Box Cooker recipes and instructions originated from a booklet published by “Compassion” of South Africa in 1978,1979 and 1980. “Compassion” registered name Wonder Box and the logo of the kneeling figure. This information may be freely quoted, acknowledgments being made to “Compassion”

Wonder Boxes work like vacuum flasks. In these days when we are being warned of worldwide shortages of food and fuel, this wonder box and it’s simplicity is designed to keep food at the temperature needed for cooking.  Using very little fuel you only use about 15 minutes of energy to bring the food to the required temperature and then put it into the Wonder box. It makes it as though it were a thermos.  On the flip side it will also keep ice-cream cold for about 4 hours.

A wonderful way to save on energy 🙂


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