I have often written about (or sometimes alluded) to my dificulty with fostering a rhythm in our home. I know that it is good, I am convinced it has the potential to be beneficial for me, the caregiver, and my DS. And I like to read up about just how it can be beneficial – but I have an awfully hard time actually making it happen – hence my purchase of the Winter Menu from Little Acorn Learning. Which I really like. It incorporates Traditional Foods methods in the food preparation (soaking and fermenting) and uses in season fresh foods. I think I am really going to enjoy working with it. Breakfast, lunch and two snacks are now all laid out for me – no need to think πŸ˜‰

I used one of the recipes from Winter Menu. The coconut pumpkin soup, although I used sweet potatoes instead of pumkin and date syrup instead maple syrup. And it was scrumptious. Now I just need to get going with grinding my own grain and fermenting our bread πŸ˜›

And my kitchen is all clean and sparkling…. today is a good day. I even cleaned and organised the fridge. A part of me wants to cringe with embaressment that this has become a worthy goal in my life – but at least I know it is clean and I did not use any harsh chemials to clean it – just warm (ecological) soapy water, and DS helped me scrub the shelves. It was actually kind of fun.

I think I really just needed some sort of frame work to give us a varied diet and the reassurance of knowing what I am preparing (or DH is preparing – he is the more established cook between the two of us). I know what I don’t want (fast food, ready made food, industrial food) and I know I want made from scratch food loosely along the lines of Nourishing Traditions, but yikes. It is a hard one to actually put in practice – for me anyway.

So, here’s to our first day. And hoping that there are more in store and that I do not loose my mind in the predictability of having each week planned so meticulously…. I know I need it, I suspect DS needs it, it’s just so, argh!!!



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2 responses to “Lunch

  1. Dimitra

    It gets easier, believe me! Both around the house and in the classroom, I found out that at first, you need to expend energy to keep the rhythm going… and then something magical happens a few weeks down the line. You internalise it, and it starts supporting you instead of you supporting it. I know, all the books say it, but still I was very surprised to experience it. It’s quite amazing. It does take time and work though, and trying to make too many changes at once quickly gets overwhelming.

    Oh, and there’s no reason to cringe because you are happy you cleaned your fridge. An organised home can be a sign of an organised life, which can be a sign of a disciplined spirit, which surely is something to aspire to!

  2. mamawork

    Thanks Dimitra πŸ™‚ Xx

    I will be patient in waiting for that magical moment where the rhythm will start to support us and not drain me.

    A clean fridge is a good thing – it just does not have the same ring to it as being in a ward round expressing my professional opinion πŸ˜›

    I find myself needing to ‘guide’ myself to finding the meaning in keeping a clean, organised kitchen space – home in general. It does not come naturally. And my guiding, is going over in my mind the importance of using ecological methods for the health of my family and the environment. Otherwise I would surely go insane. I have to have a good idea to guide me, or I get despondent.

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