Pics up and coming


My first waistcoat - still to be finished and worn

This was knitted speedily in anticipation of SIL’s wedding. I didn’t really like the shirt that we found for DS. He loved it being soft cotton, I didn’t like the print. Anyway, the day turned out so hot there is no chance he would have worn it…. but I was very proud of myself for actually knitting and putting this together. 🙂


Indoor play in the winter

I was amazed to see DS building towers like this. He is into lego at his grandparents house and into building towers, transporing his blocks, emtpying my drawers and cuphoards…. he gets busy indoors. Although he is definitly happiest outdoors, splashing in puddles or bringing in spadefuls of sand. He is especially attached to our bikes at the moment. He loves evening bike rides, and rides next to me when I go for my morning run.

And lastly for now,

Apricot Yummies

These were a hit with me and DH – less so with DS.

I am so excited to have images to share again. I have been brewing a post on toys and family values. I have a small collection of toys from my childhood that my parents saved. It brings me much joy to see DS playing with them.


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