I did it!!!

I have been doing a walk to run programme for the last 3 months and today was my first 30 minute run with no breaks.

I am so very proud of myself for this achievement. Years ago I used to run 5K a couple of times a week as part of my study programme for my finals at uni, together with my study buddy. I miss it.

So, I have gone down a dress size, and I am fitting into clothes I have not worn in about 4 years. And it just feels so good to have accomplished this.

I have started with barefoot running and run in Vibram Five Fingers. It really is quite a difference, and my lower back is definitly happier in these shoes.

And just ‘cos I can now, here are our two pets:


Our Golden Retriever - who has started to make himself comfy on our outside couch


Oh, to be a cat



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  1. Congrats! Take it slow and enjoy the journey – listen to your feet and body – go barefoot as often as you can! Happy barefoot trails! David

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