I managed to resist until now

On two things.

One. screen time. DS has now seen the screen for about 15 mins two or three times. And he loves it. I put on a DVD (in our computer) I received from my brother.

Also, I counted his words. I am ashamed to say it, but the chatter of word counting I have seen online in parenting forums in the USA finally got to me.

moom – moon

zun- sun

meem – cat

xla-xla – dog (sounds like a clopping horse)

mimi – doll, or car with eyes

vavo – avo

nine – tomato (in Hebrew it is agvaniyah)


nca-da – food (pronounced as is it is Zulu)

bizz – piece





boh – come, in Hebrew


mayim – water, in Hebrew


r – a hebrew ‘r’. means light, ‘or’ in Hebrew (this is for a candle, a light bulb or a match)

bye bye


karti – kaki

bee-bee – pee-pee

cham – hot, in Hebrew

num num – breasts (as in breastfeeding)





pupi(k) – bellybutton in Hebrew


nana – banana

na-na – chicken

puh-ta – open or close


bimba – his little bike (Hebrew word)

bibi-numnum – magazine (from the Motheirng magazines in my bathroom, full of babies in nappies and breastfeeding)


zeh/et zeh – this in Hebrew

zang – song

ram – a close approximation of his grandfather’s name – and every motorbike he sees, as  ‘ram’ rides a tustus (a moped)

ein – none, in Hebrew

na(d) ne(d) – see saw or swing in Hebrew

He loves to command us, as in “Mummy boh” “Daddy down” and “meem boh”. “down”, which often means, he wants his food on the tray of his highchair for him to feed himself.

And he has become a hitting, throwing, angry little boy. I am not sure if he is upset by me insisting he goes to sleep at regular hours now, or if it is just a co-incidence. But it has been becoming more and more prevalent for him to hit and throw. I am still gathering my thoughts on the issue, as I try to figure out the best approach for him and me.



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2 responses to “I managed to resist until now

  1. I love hearing what bilingual babies pick up, even if you do feel sheepish cataloging it. 🙂

    My son started watching videos of himself on YouTube, and it was a slippery slope from there… Not bad, just interesting to see his fascination with the screen.

    I don’t know what to say regarding the angriness, just that I wish you clarity.

    • mamawork

      Yes. It is very easy to sit him down to put his shoes on if the video is on 😮 I can see just how easy it gets to use the screen as a parenting tool.

      Yes, I will keep documenting his language development. I know I will look back on it in no time and need to be reminded.

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