Sleep, glorious sleep

This is a bimba

It’s starting to work. DS falls asleep within 15 minutes of lights out, snuggled up with us until we creep out.

And DH and I have our evenings to be together, quietly, to be adults, with no interruptions.

I am keeping him waking up at 7am, napping from 12:30 – 2:30 and in bed by 8. I would prefer it to be earlier, but he doesn’t fall asleep before 8 – I just lie there for longer if we go to bed earlier 😦

No more crying fits when the light goes out…. no more frustration at a toddler who won’t sleep. Although yesterday’s nap took closer to 45 minutes of me lying in bed waiting, and praying. I think I have found a tool that works for me in those moments when I just wish he would be asleep already.

Yesterday he was excited after a spontaneous meet up at the local park with two mums who I know through LLL. He loved it. Lots of kids, lots of toys, FUN. I had no idea there were that number of children not in kindy. (I’m talking about 5 children – but it’s more than we’ve had so far). He is so social, engaging other children in playing with a ball, smiling and very trusting of other adults there. He did get very possessive of his bimba when one of the twins tried it out – and started watching it very carefully to make sure no one took it.

I know he needs to be around other children. He adores them. And I have been quite hearbroken that I have not had more children in his immediate environment.

Slowly slowly. We’ll get there. And perhaps I won’t have to move out to an ecological village to meet mine and my DS’s needs.


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