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I intuitively do not like plastic, not in food production/storage and not as a material to makes childrens toys. I have faced considerable resistance from my MIL, who loves it. It’s cheap – and I think that is about all that is has going for it.

I have now finally got my ducks in a row so to speak, and feel much more confident in my need to minimise plastic in our home environment. PVC, BPA and phthalates are materials I will be attempting to minimise as much as possible.

How to avoid phthalates

Bisphenol-A, in Clear English

Babies, Bottles, and Bisphenol A: The Story of a Scientist-Mother

So, without completely freaking out about poisoning my child, I am taking an approach of choosing the healthier option when we need to replace materials/goods in our home. For instance, I got a glass shower door put on our bath instead of a shower curtain for my birthday and I got some glass drinking bottles for water when we are out and about (with latex sleeve to protect from breaking) and I am slowly replacing all food containers to be glass.

Our cosmetics are already herbal, natural, organic paraben, aluminium, fleuride etc free.

My cleaning products are already plant based, bicarbonate of soda or vinegar.

Our matress is a cotton futon. Our clothing is cotton, our bedding is cotton or wool.

I take cloth bags with me when I go shopping.

  • We do still have plastic in our home. Our cupboards in the bedroom and kitchen are some sort of plastic.
  • DS has a hard plastic paddling pool
  • DS has plastic beach toys for his sandpit and when we go to the beach
  • DS has plastic toys at his grandmothers house
  • Our electircal appliances are obviously made from plastic (including dearly beloved computer)
  • Cutting boards
  • Car seats
  • the list of products that contain materials that concern me goes on and on.

I am sure that even with the accomodations I have made and am making, our home environment is still polluted.It worries me, but also motivates me to find ways to keep my family healthy, and that includes our nutrition. As I write, I have water kefir, milk kefir, kimchi and preserved red peppers all doing their magic on my windowsill.


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On being married to a man from a foreign country

I have written a couple of times about living in Israel and my difficulties – those related to being in Israel and those related to being in a foreign country generally.

Today I met a mum at the park who is originally from Kuwait. She has been living in Israel for 10 years after she married an Arab Israeli. She has two beautiful children. And I am so very sorry that I did not get her number.

We spoke in English, and my DS was so friendly with her, taking her hand and playing with her, while her older children played on the round about.

I asked her if she goes back to visit her family in Kuwait and she was talking about meeting them in Jordan, and then hurried off when her husband came out of the bank.

I felt so happy talking to another woman who has moved to this country to be with her husband and who also feels the stress of living in Israeli society – but who does not feel bound to the land as her national heritage. I admit too that I would love to find a way to be friends with an Arab family – as much for myself, as for my DS. I do have a political agenda as such. But mostly, it was just so reassuring to talk to someone not born in Israel who spoke about being here for her husband, not for an an ideology. I do not fit in with Immigrants in general in the Israeli society. I find it hard to idenitify with a rhetoric that inherently denies the right of a nation to exist.

I did not even get this mums name, only the names of her children. I really do hope I meet you again at the park and that just maybe we will sit to coffee one day.

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