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DS at my SIL's wedding

I have been having a rough time with sleep, as I wrote about earlier. It’s getting much better. Last night we went through the steps of supper (table clear of clutter and a candle for a more serene mood), bath, pajama’s, bed time story in bed, DS switching the light off and snuggling down to breastfeed and in 15 minutes he was fast asleep. I was extatic.

I have also been reading up far too much about vaccines and the immune system. It is not making me happy. I know that vaccines are not going to be part of our preventative health options in our family. I however doubt that every problem in modern societies can be atrributed to vaccines.  And I am getting tired of investing so much time and energy in seeing just how wrong most of the scientific community are when it comes to vaccines. I know enough to know that I want to support our innate immune system as best I can, and not freak out when DS gets sick. I know enough to keep our commensal bacteria happy through diet and lifestyle and avoiding drugs, heavy metals, chemical cleaners, etc. I also know enough to make sure my next birth is at home and that it stays at home.

Anyway, I have also been feeling the need to grow my mind a bit. I have stagnated and it does not feel good. I need to have something going on in my head other than health and childcare. So, I found free courses available through MIT – no certificate or registration, but at least I can expand my mind somewhat – and register should the bug bite.

On the issue of what to study, I have been thinking of getting into something like TCM. Through my reading up on health, I find this approach and understanding of health and disease far more comprehensive than what my ped/GP has to offer. However, I have also thought of doing my masters in OT with a Senosry Integration spin. I think my challenge is to find something that I can study and then apply to real life. I love gathering knowledge, but then get cold feet about applying it – all sorts of self esteem issues there. I seem to really believe that I can’t apply what I am learning, unless it is being a mother. I seem to be applying all that I learn there without any conflict or insecurity…. well kind of. I know I need a strong rhythm in our home, based on mealtimes and rest times, play times etc. And it eludes me. I just kind of whoosh from one thing to another – other than the sleep, it’s all approximate.

I am thinking of trying to use the anthroposphical idea of a grain a day/colour a day. I have not read enough about it to know if I agree or not about all that goes with planetary influences, etc. I do hope it will give me the frameowork I need to have more of a varied diet – ensuring I don’t get stuck on oat porridge, pita with eggs and salad as our staples. The more I read about diet and food, the more I think have a varied whole foods diet is the key…… anyway, I got lazy and ordered the Little Acorn Leaning winter childcare menu…. I’ll see if it helps me get myself more organised.

As I write it is pouring rain outside. Winter has arrived, and with it the need for rubber boots, indoor shoes and warm drinks. I always love the change of season.

Oh, and the pic is just ‘cos I love it. 🙂


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Some wandering through Pubmed…..

And it is quite fantastical what is being researched when it comes to the gut and the immune system.

Believe it or not, it actually makes a difference whether a baby is born C-section or not when it comes to populating the sterile gut of the baby. A vaginal birth in a home environment actually makes the most sense if you want to colonise the babies gut with the best flora, considering the mother is healthy and has the ‘right’ flora to pass on. It seems that C-section babies are more at risk for allergies This idea is not in the conclusion of the linked in study, but it is an idea I came across here, and it makes sense to me. This study describes the colonization of the gut from the mother to the baby during birth. My conlusion is to optimise the birthing environment with health flora, not put a mother into a hospital brimming with germs and nasty ones at that. Perhaps in a couple of generations, this too will be the conclusion that the medical establishment come to.

And research is showing the potential cost benefit of prescribing probiotics in hospitals and overall health. Imagine that?

Not so long ago my SIL, the medical student, dismissed any concern about overprescription of antibiotics claiming that anitbiotics can’t do any harm and may do some good. At least in some medical circles this opinion is being challenged. The only potential harm, in her opinion, is the creation of superbugs from indesriminate use of antibiotics. But children suffer no side effects. While it is still a bit of a leap to say antibiotics kills all bacteria, we have some good bacteria that are the backbone of our immune systems, lets not use antibiotics unless it is a life and death situation, that is my present thinking. I cannot imagine undermining my child’s health for something as simple as a cough, unless it really makes the difference between life and death.

Eat fermented foods, avoid antibiotics unless they are absolutely needed, avoid antibaterical soaps in the home…. and give birth at home if at all possible. Keep your gut and skin flora in tact and healthy.

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