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Gut Health

In my ever widening search for how to best guard the health of my family, and how to best protect ourselves from an environment that is heavily polluted, I was somewhat reassured to read this article, Gut microflora & toxic metals: Chromium as a model.

This only motivates me to identidy how best to promote the health of my gut, my husbands gut and my DS’s gut. It also bolsters my confidence in the importance of home birth as the optimal environment for optimal innoculation of the newborn gut.

More fermented foods please 🙂


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Some wandering through Pubmed…..

And it is quite fantastical what is being researched when it comes to the gut and the immune system.

Believe it or not, it actually makes a difference whether a baby is born C-section or not when it comes to populating the sterile gut of the baby. A vaginal birth in a home environment actually makes the most sense if you want to colonise the babies gut with the best flora, considering the mother is healthy and has the ‘right’ flora to pass on. It seems that C-section babies are more at risk for allergies This idea is not in the conclusion of the linked in study, but it is an idea I came across here, and it makes sense to me. This study describes the colonization of the gut from the mother to the baby during birth. My conlusion is to optimise the birthing environment with health flora, not put a mother into a hospital brimming with germs and nasty ones at that. Perhaps in a couple of generations, this too will be the conclusion that the medical establishment come to.

And research is showing the potential cost benefit of prescribing probiotics in hospitals and overall health. Imagine that?

Not so long ago my SIL, the medical student, dismissed any concern about overprescription of antibiotics claiming that anitbiotics can’t do any harm and may do some good. At least in some medical circles this opinion is being challenged. The only potential harm, in her opinion, is the creation of superbugs from indesriminate use of antibiotics. But children suffer no side effects. While it is still a bit of a leap to say antibiotics kills all bacteria, we have some good bacteria that are the backbone of our immune systems, lets not use antibiotics unless it is a life and death situation, that is my present thinking. I cannot imagine undermining my child’s health for something as simple as a cough, unless it really makes the difference between life and death.

Eat fermented foods, avoid antibiotics unless they are absolutely needed, avoid antibaterical soaps in the home…. and give birth at home if at all possible. Keep your gut and skin flora in tact and healthy.

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