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Modern motherhood

A window

A window

This is what my modern motherhood experience comes down to for me. I consider myself pretty much saved as a new mother who does not have a strong tradition around her for building a healthy happy family. The internet has been my lifeline for so many vitally important issues in my mothering journey.

When I listen to my mother or my MIL talk about how difficult it was to be at home and how lonely it was and crazy making – I know that I have it much easier.

  • I have the internet as a a way to connect with other mothers and offer support and be supported in my choices
  • I have a husband who sees his role as being there to help when he can and who very much works to be part of DS’s life.

Both these things have made my life at home as a mother much much easier than being stuck with a baby and no support.

I think that I am aspiring to create a rich home life also helps – this brings meaning to otherwise dreary jobs. I do have friends who stay at home who just pop their child in the car and head off for the mall and eat out and live very differnet lives. That would drive me crazy.

The internet is beyond wonderful and absolutely essential to my life. I probably could manage without it – but it would be very very rough 😦


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Vaccines are like seatbelts

From a discussion some time ago on MDC:

vaccines are like seat belts if seat belts were made of arsenic that *may* or *may not* seep into your skin and kill you.

vaccines are like seat belts if seat belts sometimes randomly caused your car to drive into oncoming traffic. But this wouldn’t be called a car accident because everyone knows seat belts CAN’T cause car accidents.

vaccines are like seat belts if seat belts had not one, but two government organizations that exist specifically to “market” and “recommend” their use.

vaccines are like seat belts if not wearing a seat belt and getting in a small fender bender caused ER staff to “assume” you have a worst case scenario and insisting on a spinal tap, MRI, tracheotomy, and a mandatory stay in the ICU.

vaccines are like seat belts if not wearing one caused people to accuse you of causing other people’s cars to lose control and thus killing innocent children.

This was posted by PaigeC. I am posting here with her permission.

When we were discussing vaccination with FIL, this was a comparison made to me. I have been meaning to work out just how they are the same and how they are different. I think that people who advocate vaccines think that vaccines keep you safe much the same way a seat belt would keep you safe. However, the analogy of car acidents and vaccine preventable diseases does not hold up, and the regulations around seat belts and vaccines are different.

I do not see most of the VPD as being a car crash. I see life as being risky and driving as being risky. I do not think VPD need to be risky if I have access to clean water, fresh food, clean but not sterile environment and I manage fever without drugs and ensure my family has outside active time. I guess I see the above as my ‘seat belt’ and would be happier if some of the risk in vaccination were being spoken about more openly.

At the moment I am trying to figure out why Hib capsule can trigger an immune response when it essentially has nothing of the bacteria in it. Basically the capsule is conjugated with tetanus toxoid, but I do not understand yet how this triggers the humoral immune system. It has been explained to me that the capsule is like an envelope is to a letter or a discarded snake skin is to a snake…. hopefully I will be able to clear this up for myself and make sense of it here on this blog.

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Baby Led Weaning

Gosh! This is amazing.

DS was firmly refusing to eat anything mushed (other than for about a month he ate apple puree) and I was starting to worry, as a new mother does.

Until I found baby led weaning on MDC (mothering discussion boards). Now DS is eating avocado, pasta, banana, sweet potatoe, carrot, cucumbers… wow, all the things he wouldn’t eat with a spoon go in and get swallowed when they are in ‘stick’ form and he can feed them to himself.

Admittedly it’s a bit scary when he gags if he pushes too much food in at once – but he does seem to be getting the hang of it! I am just so excited by the possibilities. He chooses to eat and it is not some battle of the wills and and and! I am so excited by this. I have been very nervous about what type of food to give DS (organic, whether to give grains, veggies, fruits) and also very anxious that he has a positive relationship with food – not that it is something shoved down his throat or that he feels he ‘has to’ as everyone looks on expectantly. Brilliant.  Baby Led Weaning is definitly a great find for me and just makes so much sense. I am going to be looking into this a whole lot more.

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