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Thoughts about motherhood

This is so exciting. I have been wanting to get a blog up and running for some months now. The US elections and my boy have been keeping me very busy (well, I had to keep up to date on all developments with the election as I thought positive thoughts of Obama winning)…. so, Obama is President Elect and I now have some time on my hands when my boy is sleeping.

The whole idea of motherhood is absolutely fascinating for me. I think about this a lot as I try to understand why I am staying at home with my boy. My gut is telling me that this is a good thing to be doing for me, my son and our home….. my fantasies are running wild with opportunity… and me being me, I like to go with my instinct and get the facts/reasons later.

So, this is my journey into motherhood. My exploration of all the issues that join in with the broad experience of motherhood:

Infant and Child Development




Household management

Health Promotion

I am sure I will find more topics that I am exploring – these are off the top of my head. Being a mother has so much to do with the details of life, the moments that can be taken for granted. Yes, it’s not all sweet and romantic (like when DS wakes up for the 5th time in a night or when he won’t let me put him down when he is teething), but at the same time I hold precious these moments, even as they flame my frustration. My boy will be a babe but once in his life, and we are both learning together.

So, I will be sharing and exploring what I am discovering…. for now I need to go to bed and look after my sleep needs.


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