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My health plan for this pregnancy.

I have been exploring diet, exercise and my mental and physical health prior to conceiving, and have put myself on essentially the GAPS diet. No grains, or complex carbohydrates. Plenty of fresh vegetable, some fruit, meats, liver, eggs, fermented milk, fermented veggies, butter, olive oil. I also started to take fermented cod liver oil and will start with a broad spectrum pro biotic.

I walk every 2nd day, alternating with my husband who is still running. (I am very proud of him). I have been doing sprints, and will see how I feel with it this pregancy. Due to holidays, my brother visiting, our dog dying, there has been a miriad of reasons why I have not had my morning walk since testing positive for being pregnant. I plan to add some yoga at home.

The book Rebuild From Depression started my quest more serisouly into how to support myself through diet. I knew we wanted to conceive some time this year, and I have been anxious about having a second child with so little support aroud me, especially without my mother. I wanted to prepare in such a way that at least there would not be a nutritional reason to suffer with depression during the pregnancy or after the birth.

Then, after worrying about phytic acid and oxalic acid, I decided to try not eating grains for a while, and see how that impacted on me physically and emotionally. After a couple of rough days, I felt much better. No more bloating, cramping, gas. My mood is still not what I would like, with me being quite impatient and overreacting to life events, obsessing about details most people don’t even register…. I am hoping that will stabilise too, although being pregnant might not help right now LOL.

After about a month now of not eating grains, I find myself eating more according to the GAPS diet. I mostly just take the cue from my body, if I am bloating or gassy, I cut back on whatever new food I tried out, like strawberries.

There is no insurance that I will indeed have a stressfree pregnancy, birth and post partum period. However I am sure that this gives me a better chance than filling up on pasta an bread.


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